What Men Think About Hair Extensions

by admin on Dec 20, 2022


For many women, hair extensions are that accessory that empowers them and fills them with confidence, especially for those who have fine hair or for those who over the years begin to notice their hair less dense. But we know that one of the things that most worries those who use Hair Extensions is what their boy will think about it. So we decided to investigate and found that surveys have already been done on the subject. What the boys think about the subject, you will be surprised! The first conclusion was that men (and even some women) don't know that hair only grows about 1 cm a month, therefore it can take years to grow to the desired length. After learning this number, most men agreed that they understood why a woman prefers hair extensions to long waits. When it comes to Hair Extensions, men rarely notice it, rarely talk about it, rarely think about it; Unless your extensions are noticeable at about 200 meters, your guy will downplay it. Some men have confessed that they have no problem with their girl wearing hair extensions, as long as they look natural, and no seams, clips, installations, etc. are noticeable.

They don't seem to care, as long as the girl knows how to style it correctly and it's not just hair extensions thrown on her head. Basically, guys don't want to know about the ins and outs of using extensions, they just want to see their girl happy with beautiful long hair and a nice hairstyle. Many men said that if their girls had not told them their secret about their extensions they would never have figured it out on their own, but once they did, they took it as a matter of course. And finally, the big surprise is that almost all men said they had heard of extensions at some point, apparently the use of hair extensions is becoming more frequent and less censored. Most of the men did not find anything strange about the subject. Please note: If you are looking for a look that is very natural and does not look "fake" then you should prefer real human hair and not synthetic hair extensions. You should also think about the amount of time you want to wear them; If you plan to only wear them for one night, then you can use Clip-in Extensions; but if you want your look with extensions to last for long periods of time, you should leave the installation in the hands of an expert. In a few words Hair extensions are a very minor issue for men, but it will always be better to have a natural look. So don't worry, when it comes to extensions, your boy can be your accomplice more than your friend!