“We know that when a woman feels beautiful she is capable of much more and for that we are here, to help you to achieve it and to take out all the potential that you have inside”

The history of this company began as a journey, literally and metaphorically. It can be said that this company came into our lives when we least expected it, we are convinced that things, ideas and opportunities come at the right time and place … It can be said that the co-founders of this company are passionate entrepreneurs, but initially we did not imagine with a company in the beauty sector and less hair extensions, which 8 years ago or more, was a totally unknown issue, which was not talked about freely.


our company and also a very beautiful stage of our lives starts with a trip to Asia, our dream was to have an import company and what better place than Asia to start, so we travel with that firm purpose. Among all the commissions of that trip, there was a very special one, Extensions of human hair, a totally unknown subject until that moment, but that managed to awaken all our curiosity.


So we investigated on this subject, and what a surprise! It was a product that was just beginning to arrive in Colombia, we inquired as much as we could, we asked everybody that had something to contribute to it, family, Friends, acquaintances, .. and finally we met the objective, buy some human hair extensions that the owner really liked. she loved them!


On our return we pretended to continue importing Asian hair, but when investigating the Colombian market, we realized that we could get it here, in our country, hair of a quality really superior to any other hair in the world. In Colombia there are women of all kinds, black, brown, white, mestizo, brunette and this in terms of hair translates into a paradise where you can find all the textures and all colors of natural hair in one place. So since then, we are dedicated to getting the best Colombian hair to transform it into the best Extensions.


We have been advancing and growing in each process, we are proud of the hair that we offer! We love it! And we are sure that you will love it too!

Why choose LILA?

In Lila all our extensions are made of 100% Human hair, but in addition, it is carefully selected hair; we make sure that it is healthy hair, in excellent conditions, with shine, with movement, that feels alive and above all, that any woman wants to have it.

In Lila we work every day to help you look beautiful, to fill you with security, to empower you, so that you look with class! We help you show off the hair you really want immediately!

What is our reason to be?

If we are sincere, many years ago when we started this idea, we did not imagine that it would become one of our great passions, but the purpose remains the same from the beginning, to produce really beautiful extensions of the highest quality, even for women who use their extensions every day.

You can wear stunning hair for a special event, for that big day of your wedding where you need an awesome hairstyle, for your birthday, for a meeting with your friends, or you can show off your hair with the perfect length and volume every day, on the beach, in the pool, with your hair ironed, Extensions Lila will become part of your daily life.

Many still remember our beginnings in Mercadolibre and in Linio Colombia or our first online store. Today more than ever we want to thank you and each of our clients for their questions, their comments, their confidence and their recommendations. It is for each one of you that we are here today, and you can have the conviction that we will continue innovating and improving to give you beautiful hair.

What people are saying

I am super suspicious, but I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised, excellent attention and extensions are BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL.


Recommended 100% is a fast, safe and reliable purchase, I had what I asked for, they are very sincere, before making the purchase they clear any doubt.


I thought that they would not arrive to me as I wanted them because I could not go and buy them personally, but I received them as I requested them.


Thank you! I really liked my extensions. The super easy purchase, I asked for them by the page and I paid them in my house when they delivered.


Ready for beautiful longer hair?