Virgin hair is hair that has not been treated with chemicals. Once we cut the hair we do not do any process to modify its color or texture. We select the hair, sterilize it and deliver it to you ready to use with the method of your choice

At Lila we work every day to help you look beautiful, to fill you with confidence, to empower you, to make you look classy; we help you get the hair you really want immediately!

Is hair 100% natural? Is that virgin hair?

A/ Yes, all our hair extensions are 100% natural guaranteed, we do not carry out any chemical process after cutting. Generally, we handle Dark Brown color. It is 100% guaranteed virgin human hair (the most desirable hair on the market) so you can dye or bleach it as you wish without any problem. It's like it's your own hair.

What color extensions do they sell?

Our extensions come in two colors:

Natural brown hair: It is ideal to make color designs such as balayage, streaks, illuminations, etc. (always doing a strand test)

Extra light blonde hair: It is hair that has already been bleached and taken to extra light blonde, ideal for coppery blondes, fantasy colors or blondes in general.

How much hair does each package bring?

In our shop you will find that the quantity of each package is 50 grams. However, the minimum quantity we recommend is 100 grams (i.e. 2 packs). Even if you want a generous volume we recommend 150 to 200 grams. For lengths of 28, 30 and 32 inches we always recommend using a minimum of 200 grams, as long hair requires more hair to generate volume.

In the case of extensions on clips or curtains, each package brings 100 grams of hair. Also for lengths of 28, 30 and 32 inches we always recommend using a minimum of 200 grams.

What is the best installation method?

No installation method is good or bad in itself, the installation method should be selected according to the needs of each person, as well as the benefits of each installation method.

How long do the adhesive extensions last?

Once the adhesive extensions are installed, their duration depends on the growth of the hair, however, the average time is about 8 weeks. After this time, maintenance must be performed, which basically consists of removing the extensions, changing the tape and installing again.

Do the adhesive extensions come off with water?

No, adhesive extensions are a super safe method. The solvent should be used to remove them. You can wash your hair using extensions like you would usually, you can go to the pool or even the ocean.

Can the extensions fade?

Yes, the chestnut extensions can be discolored, we recommend always doing it in the hands of an expert and also perform a strand test. Blonde extensions already have several processes of discoloration before they reach your hands, which is why we recommend to be very careful when changing the hair color and avoid aggressive discoloration.

Can I apply keratin to my extensions?

Yes, remember that your extensions are human hair, so you can treat them the same way you treat your own hair.

Can I iron my extensions Lila?

Yes, our extensions are made of human hair, you can use tools like irons or hair dryer just like on your own hair. Excessive use of heat can cause exactly the same damage to your extensions, so we recommend treating them with the same love that you treat your own hair with.

Can I exercise or go to the gym using stretchers?

If, with the fixed methods of extensions (Adhesive Extensions, Microlink Extensions and Curtain Extensions) you can do your normal day-to-day activities, they are very safe and you can wash your hair as often as you prefer without affecting the method of installation. In the case of temporary extensions it is recommended to remove them for physical activity as they could move easily with movement.

How long does it take to ship?

A/ Shipping to major cities takes 24 hours and is free! Shipping to intermediate cities takes 2 days and is Free! If you need your order urgently you can ask us for our Express shipping with additional cost. Your order will be dispatched the same day, as long as it has been received before 4:00 pm, otherwise it will be dispatched the next business day.

Can I pay by instalments?

A/ You can do this only if you have a credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners, by this means you can postpone the purchase up to 36 installments according to the allowed by your bank.

Is the purchase safe?

A/ Your purchase is 100% secure, you can pay for your extensions when you receive them in the comfort of your home or office. In addition, if you want to pay online we have https security protocol and the leading online payment processing platform in Latin America PayU Latam.

Where are they located?

R/ We are online store, we are located in the city of Cali, we dispatch to all Colombia by certified national mail.

Can I pay when I receive my order? (Counter delivery) and cash?

R/ Of course it is! At the time of making your purchase you can select payments by efecty, Baloto, bank transfer or counter delivery, all these means of payment are cash.If you want to pay for your order in cash when you receive it, you just have to place your order normally and at the end you have to select payback. We provide this service in partnership with Servientrega, with coverage in almost all municipalities of Colombia.

What guarantee do I have?

A/ We carry out the entire process from haircut to shipment to the end customer, in this way we can guarantee that all our hair is 100% human. You can review our warranty policies here