10 powerful reasons to choose Lila extensions

1. Beautiful hair

You are assured of ALWAYS receiving beautiful hair, carefully selected for you.

2. Buy secure

Your money will always be safe, you have the option to pay for your orders in the comfort of your home or office when you receive them and if you want to pay online we have https security protocols and the most secure payment processing platform in Latin America PayU latam.

3. We want you to be happy with your purchase

Our main goal is to make you happy with your hair and BELIEVE US, we will not rest until we achieve it.

4. Extensions that adapt to your own hair

When we say that your extensions are made of virgin hair, this means that you can color or bleach them as you wish to adapt them to your own hair. They are the perfect choice if you want a little color without damaging your own hair

5. Change from short hair to long hair in less than the length of your favorite song

Change your look in just minutes, we ship your extensions with the clip-in system installed, ready to attach and remove. You install them yourself in the comfort of your own home, it's that quick and easy!

6. Satisfied Customers

You have all our experience at your disposal, more than 6 years in the market and more than a thousand satisfied customers give us the security to advise you and make you have the hair you've always dreamed of

7. Receive your extensions in less than 24 hours

All our shipments are Free and take less than 24 hours to major cities. If you are in an intermediate city and need your extensions urgently, ask us about our Express shipping option

8. Invest in excellent quality extensions

We take care of your investment by making all our extensions not only beautiful but also long lasting.

9. Feel really beautiful

We know your needs and we know the image you want to project in your life, in your office, with your friends, with your partner. Your lilac extensions are perfectly suited for all hair types

10. Attack peaks!

Enjoy the voluminous and stunning hairstyles you've always wanted to wear.