10 Reasons That May Be Damaging Your Hair

by Vanessa Otero on Dec 20, 2022


Our hair is exposed to different factors that make it brittle, opaque, lifeless and also cause it to fall. We will share 10 reasons why you could be affecting your hair without knowing it.


  1. Using the dryer or iron excessively reduces the quality of the hair.


  1. An incorrect diet weakens the hair. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and legumes helps keep hair in good condition.


  1. Not sleeping the necessary hours. Rest is vital to help our body replenish cells and stay healthy.


  1. Making hairstyles that are too tight causes the breakage of the hair fibers, breaks it and produces a fork.


  1. Lack of hydration takes life out of your mane. And it is not only hydration from moisturizing creams and masks, you must also stay hydrated, remember to drink water during the day.


  1. The sun, believe it or not, the Ultra Violet rays of the sun constantly burn and dehydrate your hair, therefore, even if you do not use an iron or dryer, whenever you go out use a thermoprotector, or try to protect it from direct sun. . 

  1. Liquor and cigarettes are terrible to consume if what we want is to keep skin and hair shiny, healthy and alive. . 

  1. Stress causes hair loss, the body reacts to stress and releases certain chemicals that alter the health of the scalp and with its consequent weakening and subsequent hair loss. That's why try to try to sleep well, eat well during a period of stress, exercise helps us to level and regulate stress and anxiety, this is reflected in your health. . 

  1. Humidity, going to sleep with your hair wet or styling it with wet hair, will not only cause a bad smell, but will also cause possible fungus to grow on your scalp, dry it whenever you go to sleep or leave it loose to dry Dry well if you are going to leave your house! . 

10. Rubbing or wringing it hard, yes, that's right, scrubbing your hair hard can break it and cause it to lose its shine, if you do that with your towel, please DON'T DO IT ANYMORE! Give it small, gentle squeezes, but don't rub or twist it.