Vitamins and Minerals for Your Hair

by Vanessa Otero on Dec 20, 2022

It is not only about using the best creams and the best treatments to show off beautiful hair, if you do not eat well, if you do not sleep enough, if you stay up often, smoke and consume liquor, your skin and hair will reflect the HELP that your body cries out for inside!... That is why it is necessary that you take care of yourself and eat well, that you include in your diet foods that contain the following vitamins and minerals, or that you consume them as an additional vitamin (guided by a expert) be careful, remember that consuming vitamins is not to eliminate meals from your daily diet, it is only a nutritional supplement, extra support. 1. Vitamin C to maintain a beautiful color “It is responsible for providing quality, shine, strength and nutrition. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain the natural color of hair and prevents its loss" 2. Zinc for healthy growth "It is a mineral that has the ability to balance hormone levels and build healthy cells, helping hair grow in a healthy way” 3. Iron to oxygenate the scalp One of the superpowers of this mineral is that it is responsible for the production of hemoglobin that transports oxygen throughout the entire body. 4. Biotin to make you feel stronger “You will recognize it as the “vitamin for skin, hair and nails”, biotin is also called vitamin H and vitamin B8” To make the most of its properties, include eggs, liver, milk products, strawberries or bananas in your recipes. 5. Folic acid to enhance your health "Also called vitamin B9, it is essential for the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia, helps tissue growth, strengthens the central nervous system, favors the absorption of nutrients in your body and improves the appearance and health of hair” 6. Vitamin B for softer hair One of the main tasks of this vitamin is to help the body absorb lipids and proteins, actions that have a great influence on overall hair health. In addition, those of the B3 and B6 types help keratin proteins to be metabolized, which results in softer, shinier and denser hair.