Silk Covers

by Vanessa Otero on Dec 20, 2022


Silk has many benefits not only for your hair, but also for your skin, since its texture is very soft and closed, it will work very well to keep your hair and skin in its best condition. This material will maintain the natural hydration of your hair and skin as it has very low absorption levels. And if you are one of those who use products to moisturize your hair and skin when sleeping, with a silk pillow, they will remain intact, allowing the skin and hair to slowly absorb the products while you rest. Silk will help keep your hair under control, since it is a soft fabric and helps maintain moisture, it will make your hair look better. This can also make your hairstyle and straightening last much longer as well as reduce frizz, split ends and hair breakage. Your silk cover will allow your hair's natural moisture to remain and it will look much healthier, shinier and stronger.