by admin on Dec 20, 2022


As you know, silky, full-bodied, moisturized hair is the result of what we eat. Our hair is made of protein and feeds on the nutrients that reach our scalp. However, even if your extensions are 100% human, it is likely that they can suffer from dryness. Why? The answer is much simpler than you can imagine, despite being 100% human hair, once that hair is cut, it has no way of receiving nutrients from the scalp, which is why it is necessary that you give your hair a little help. extensions to keep them moisturized.

  1. Sleep with your hair tied up in a hat.

Pillows, sheets, bedding, etc. They are generally made of cotton; This material absorbs the oil from your hair, which is necessary to keep it hydrated. When sleeping with a hat, the natural hair oil remains longer, keeping it hydrated. If your hair is oily, just wearing a hat will suffice. If you have dry hair or you are recovering your hair or extensions after a chemical procedure such as dyes or perms, you can use a few drops of almond oil on your hair before bed.

  1. Always wash your hair and extensions with cold water

Hot water causes dry hair; cold water, on the other hand, adds shine. In the case of extensions, hot water completely removes the natural protective fats from the hair, which causes dryness.

  1. Use the shampoo only at the root of the hair.

When you wash your hair, avoid applying shampoo from the middle to the ends. Use it only at the root of the hair. For your extensions, always use shampoo for dry hair, avoiding applying to the seams; if your hair is dry you can also use the same in both cases. Remember that your extensions only need a minimal amount of shampoo; we must be very cautious with the use of shampoo and generous with the use of conditioners.

  1. Avoid using heat.

Try to find a way to shape your hair without using any instrument that means heat, such as irons or dryers, as they contribute to drying out your hair. Combing, straightening the hair and holding it with a clip while the hair is damp can help to naturally straighten the hair, especially the area of ​​the hoo

  1. Detangle and style your hair and extensions carefully.

When we brush our hair hard and roughly we can break it or mistreat it. If your hair or extensions get tangled, keep in mind that you should only comb or untangle your hair when it is dry; wet hair is much weaker and breaks easily; In the case of extensions, make sure they are completely dry before combing them, since when they are wet they can easily come off the seam. Always comb your hair and your extensions from the ends to the roots, that is, first untangle the ends of your hair, then the middle part until you reach the roots. If you feel that it is not easy to untangle them, use a product such as styling creams, conditioners, etc.