by admin on Dec 20, 2022

They say it's not easy to understand women, but you can hardly understand a torrent of hormones and emotions going up and down for 28 days! That those with short hair want it long, that those of us with long hair are dying of curiosity to see what short hair looks like on us, we curly hair want to be straight and vice versa, that's how we are! Sometimes we just want to change our look, yes, risking as little as possible! How much we would give to go to the hairdresser, get the fashionable cut and if we don't like it, go back in time and have long hair again. For all of us who like to simply change our look, the perfect way to do it has arrived, without it being permanent. With the new Lace Frontals, not only can you style your Extensions literally however you want, but you can change the look and if you don't like it, simply undo it! There are several installation techniques; Specialized hair glues are already on the market, some promise not to damage your own hair; Another technique, the one that really allows us to undo the change, is the technique of sewing the front Lace, skull or the Extensions to your braided hair, in this way, all your hair is hidden under the Lace and thus you can show off your hair long and beautiful, and style it as you like without restrictions. And for those of us with long hair who are craving short hair, there is also good news, you can wear your favorite cut for a certain period of time and when you want to show off your long and natural hair again. What are you waiting for? Search, explore, never before has it been so easy and fun to find your own style! Look your best version!