by admin on Dec 20, 2022


As you well know, the more you use the dryer, the irons and the heat, the more you mistreat your hair. The idea is to avoid the use of these devices and thus give our hair a little help so that it can look healthy and beautiful as we like. And how do we do it? Here are some little tricks.

Straight hair

If your hair is extremely straight and you want it to dry with something in shape, wave or even volume, you can remove the excess water using your hairbrush, until your hair is almost dry, at that moment you can make some shape with your wet hair, like this while it dries naturally it will take shape. For example, you can make a braid, small updos or even a single bun, which will give your hair loose and very elegant waves.

Curly hair

If your hair is frizzy, nothing better than letting it dry in the open air, dry your hair as much as possible and shape your curls with damp hair, you can use your favorite oil on the ends of the hair or your products for frizz. For curly hair, it is essential that it is completely dry before leaving the house, if your curly hair is damp, any wind or sudden movement will ruin your slingshots. So when it comes to going out, combing your frizzy hair should come first, even before getting dressed, so you give your hair as much time as possible to allow it to fully dry while you get dressed, do your makeup, etc. If it's time to go out and your curls aren't ready yet, don't worry, use your dryer with the blender and the cold air and that's it! If you leave the house with your curls perfectly dry, your hairstyle will last much longer and your curls will look perfect from start to finish.