BRONDE The new trend for blonde women this 2021

by admin on Dec 20, 2022



Bronde her name is the fusion of brown hair (Brunette) and blonde hair (Blonde). It is the new trend among blonde women.


It is a “camouflage effect of the highlights for a natural hair result. With copper, hazelnut, pink, gold flashes. The warm tones combine very well with the sunny seasons. It is perfect for brunettes who want to flirt with blonde or for transitions to lighter hair” The bronde is giving a lot of play and allows endless possibilities to find a flattering and natural tone.


Since bronde is not a specific hair color, they are a mix that oscillates towards gold and darker caramel. For this reason, it is not a color that comes prepared as such, but a tone that must be custom built for you at the hairdresser. It's a way to alleviate the demanding maintenance that extra light blonde bleaching requires and a way to look more natural. For brunettes, an easy-to-maintain highlight based on subtle reflections.





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