What happens when we leave our hair wet for hours?

by Vanessa Otero on Dec 20, 2022


What happens when we leave the hair wet for hours?


Humidity in any part of the body is a friend of the origin of possible fungus and if you don't work on it you won't do anything to make it disappear. In the case of our hair, when we make a bun and keep it all day, that area does not breathe, with day-to-day sweat or if we do not dry our hair little by little, we generate an accumulation of moisture that does not allow even the leather to perspire. scalp or each individual hair.

Fungus is not the only problem that constant moisture in your hair generates, it can also cause a weakening of your natural hair and your extensions, making it look dry, brittle, dull and lifeless. Drying your hair when you have extensions will help you prolong its life time, you will avoid bad odors, hair damage and the hair strand from bursting.

Remember to dry your hair with a dryer and at a not very high temperature, because constant heat also negatively affects our hair.