by admin on Dec 20, 2022


We understand by Virgin Hair that hair that has not been chemically treated from the moment it is cut until the moment it reaches the end customer. Therefore, it is the most expensive type of hair on the market. Additionally, almost all virgin hair is remy hair, as long as it comes from a single bun or to better understand it, that it comes from a single head. But there can also be remy hair that is not virgin hair, it is hair that, after being cut, has been subjected to chemical treatments to modify its color or texture, that is, going from curly hair to straight hair, darkening or lightening the hue, etc. .

Why is it important that your Extensions are virgin hair?

Human hair extensions, just like your own hair, are affected by chemical treatments such as dyes or other treatments, even a bad procedure could completely damage your extensions even if they are 100% human hair. Hair extensions that have previously had their natural color or texture modified are extensions that have suffered damage beforehand, therefore, it will be very risky to make any other changes that involve chemical treatments. After sudden color changes, even heat tools such as flat irons and blow dryers should be used with caution, as the hair has already gone through processes that have damaged its natural layers. Ideally, we should buy hair extensions that are as similar as possible to our own hair, even, in the case of color, if at the time of cutting the hair is dyed in a color very similar to ours and in excellent condition, then this In this way we will not be forced to make changes, which translates into healthier, more natural and long-lasting hair extensions. If you use your hair with highlights, streaks or with a particular color, it is best to look for virgin hair extensions, since you can bleach or change color without problems and match the color of your extensions to the color of your own hair without having to incur additional damages. Additionally, if you are responsible for changing the color or texture of your extensions, you can make sure to leave this process in the hands of experts and thus guarantee the least possible damage. If you decide to buy pre-dyed hair extensions, you should take extra care into account to try to extend their duration.