by admin on Dec 20, 2022


You want your hair long and with volume, you craved extensions, you make the decision to use them, but... where to start? Choosing your hair extensions can be confusing when you are not related to the most used terms in this industry. Unlike many other sectors, the terms used do not always refer to the same thing and the differences between one brand and another can be really big. Many brands mention that the hair is Remy as their main differentiating factor,

Well... what does Remy mean?

The simplest definition for the term Remy is that the hair is aligned in only one direction, that is, all the hair strands go in the same direction; This ensures that the hair cuticle, which is the outer layer of the human hair strand, is not inverted. If a hair is not remy, it tends to tangle. The hair strands naturally go in opposite directions and the strands tend to collide and therefore tangle. Just to understand it better, and as an example, you can think of the hair strands as the scales of a fish, which are naturally aligned in only one direction, upsetting that order could certainly mess everything up. However, one of the most frequent mistakes is to assume that the best type of hair is Remy hair, when the term Remy does not refer in the least to the conditions of the hair. Synthetic hair could well be Remy, or even many hairs damaged by dyes, forks, straightening, or poorly performed chemical processes or simply by carelessness, are still human hair and are still Remy hair.

Grade A, Grade AA or Grade AAA Remy Hair?

Regarding the types of remy hair that the market offers us today and understanding what the term remy means, it only remains to say that the grades simply do not exist. The term remy refers to a hair quality that you simply have or not; The supposed Remy grades are nothing more than commercial and marketing strategies. On the other hand, Remy Hair should not be confused with Virgin Hair, we understand virgin hair as that hair that has not been chemically treated from the moment it is cut until the moment it reaches the end customer. Many virgin hair can be Remy hair, but there can also be non-virgin Remy hair, meaning hair that maintains the direction of its cuticles but has been chemically treated to give it color or shape.

How to distinguish Remy hair?

The easiest way to determine that a hair is not Remy, is the tendency of the hair to tangle. However, it is not always easy to establish, one way to determine if the hair is Remy or not is to comb the hair in one direction and immediately run your hand over the hair, if any strands want to go towards your hand as generating frizz, indeed those are the non-Remy hair strands that are located in a direction contrary to its natural direction. Now that you know what Remy means, keep in mind that in order to choose your hair extensions correctly, Remy is just one more feature to take into account.