by admin on Dec 20, 2022


When we think of hair extensions, the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of wearing our hair the length we want without having to wait months and even years for our own hair to grow. Read this article and answer the question: When should I use Hair Extensions? However, with the passing of time, there are more and more situations in which hair extensions are an excellent help.


    How many times have you been excited to wear a beautiful bangs and try that fashionable look for a few days, then we think twice, and what if I don't like it? And as women that we are, we are left without trying this option. The good news is that using hair extensions you can wear a beautiful cap or bangs without having to cut your own hair, if you like it, perfect! And if not, you remove it and that's it! Nothing happened!

Volume effect

  When you love the length of your hair and it grows like Rapunzel but you wish you could have a fuller head of hair, hair extensions can be your best friend! If you only want them to give volume, the simplest installation techniques such as clips will be more than enough for you, with just a couple of layers installed with clips you will make your hair look like a real mane. And if you decide to pick up a ponytail, great, now you will have a ponytail with strength and volume!

Rayitos, Ribbons, highlights and all the color you want!

  If you use permanent straightening, keratin, and you are also craving to have colors in your hair, you do not have to think twice if you are going to mistreat your hair to be able to show off the highlights or ribbons that you love so much. Doing the color on the extensions and then adding strands of extensions will make your life easier, of course, without damaging your hair.

Special occasions

  Not all of us have the long hair to wear an updo or shocking curls that will undoubtedly look much better with volume, once again hair extensions can be your salvation... You can use them only for that party or for that event, you will look divine and when it's all over you go back to your own hair.