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Hair Extensions are here to stay, becoming one more tool in our makeup box. For the installation of extensions there are more and more methods; Whether you already use extensions or if it is your first time, you should know which method is most convenient for you.

Extensions by strands or hair to hair

Installation of extensions with Keratin Points

The extensions to be installed with keratin come in the form of small strands, which have keratin at the tip (to the eye it looks like a strand of hair with some type of silicone at one end). The strands of hair are installed in a U-shape to a strand of your own hair and sealed with a specialized tool that basically provides heat to seal the silicone or keratin. Advantages: * The application technique is lock by lock, which allows movement to the hair giving a natural appearance. * If you use color applications such as highlights or tapes, this is a good option considering that the extensions could be a different color than your hair and thus achieve a very similar effect to highlights or tapes without dyeing your own hair. Disadvantages: * For this method of installation you will always require the help of an expert and it can take between 2 to 6 hours. * The use of heat is necessary for its application, so its continuous use for a long time could damage your own hair. * Extensions with keratin are not reusable, once installed, the keratin at the end of the locks cannot be reused. * It is not possible to cover the entire head with this method, since the keratin points would be noticeable.

Micro Links

They are installed in sections of hair similar to those of keratin but smaller; It is a kind of very small rings or cylinders through which the small sections of hair are inserted and closed with a specialized tool. Advantages * Like keratin extensions, they are ideal for giving the effect of streaks or ribbons. * Does not require heat for installation, which represents an advantage over keratin extensions. * You can reuse the hair strands. Disadvantages * You will need the help of an expert. * If you have a small amount of hair, your hair may not be able to hide the small earrings or locks. * It is not possible to cover the entire head with this method, since the keratin points would be noticeable.

Woven extensions in curtains

Installation of extensions with Adhesive Tape

They are small curtains of extensions, approximately between 7 and 12 cm wide; The tape requires no drapery and sticks directly onto your own hair. Ideal for people with little hair or fine hair, since it does not generate lumps or elements that can be seen strange on your head; the adhesive tape is covered by the hair of the extensions. Advantages: * Easily blends into your own hair * Installs faster than microlink or keratin extensions Disadvantages: * Not recommended for long-term use as sweat can loosen them * Glue may cause damage to your own hair. * It is not possible to cover the entire head with this method, since the keratin points would be noticeable.

Installation of extensions with Clips

They are hair extensions sewn into curtains, to which clips are installed (sewn), which are like little combs that you can open or close just like conventional hair clips. With Clip-in extensions you can have control and the versatility of seeing your long hair in just minutes, as they are easy to install and you can install them yourself in a very short time. Ideal for special occasions or events since you can remove them yourself before going to sleep Advantages * You can remove and put your extensions yourself in just minutes * You can easily comb them for special events * You can wash your extensions separately Disadvantages * You will not be able to cover all head with this method * If you intend to use a large amount of extensions, this method can be a bit annoying, as the layers of extensions can be heavy.

Installation of Sewed or Braided extensions

With this method, your hair will be completely braided and will be totally hidden, since the extensions will be sewn onto your braided hair (with a needle and thread) until the braids are completely covered. With this same method and as a complement, Lace Frontals or Skulls have recently been used. Advantages * It is the only installation method that will allow you to cover all of your hair with extensions, achieving excellent results * It is a long-term installation method, your Extensions could last between 6 and 9 months with the respective maintenance. * Using a Lace Frontal or Skull as a complement is a practically undetectable method * You can reuse the extensions several times depending on the care you have. (At least 2 or 3 times) Disadvantages * If you use it to cover the entire head you will need much more hair than with the other methods * It requires installation and maintenance by an expert * Even to wash your hair and extensions you must go to your stylist * The hairstyles or the way you style your hair could be limited if you only use extensions and do not complement it with a Lace or skull. And well, these are the main extension installation methods available on the market. We leave you with some additional tips to keep in mind so that you can decide which method is best for you. To take into account: > The price of the extensions, regardless of the method you use, will always depend on the number of extensions you use, and the amount in turn will depend on the volume and effect you want to achieve with the extensions. > For hair-to-hair installation extensions, avoid using oil-based products > If you use extensions in curtains, try to apply treatments that moisturize and add shine and texture to the hair, avoiding applying to the seam of the extensions.