by admin on Dec 20, 2022

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Much has been said about the influences of the moon on the behavior of human beings, on the results of crops and harvests and even on the political environment, and it is that far from being a belief in South American countries, around the entire world world lunar cycles have been linked by astrologers to almost all areas of daily life. The moon, this star that does not have its own light, but that appears to shine with an incandescent white color, has cycles that last 28 days, just like the menstrual period of women, which is why it has always been related to femininity and such Perhaps the main reason why we women have been the ones who most strongly embraced all this popular belief in our habits and customs, including fertility, childbirth, waxing and, of course, hair care. And now yes, what interests us! What do astrologers recommend regarding hair and lunar phases?

Crescent Moon:

If you want your hair to grow faster and be very strong, cut it in this lunar phase. It is also a good time to cut the ends that are dry or "blown", which will help improve the general structure of the capillaries. And if you want to follow the recommendations to the letter, it is preferable to cut your hair between 12 noon and 6 pm, when there is a progressive increase in lunar attraction.

last quarter:

It is the same as the crescent moon but it is in the opposite direction. If you want it to grow, avoid cutting it in this period. Women who have a lot of hair and too much volume should cut it at this stage. In this way it is achieved that it does not grow so quickly and the look can be maintained for longer.

Full moon:

It marks just the middle of the lunar month. This is the ideal time to get a great haircut. If your hair is very damaged, mistreated, dry and without shine or life, do not hesitate to take advantage of the full moon to cut it. This favors it to grow more abundant, healthy, bright and strong. The cut must be made between 6 in the morning and 12 noon, preferably one day before the full moon or the same day that this phase begins.

New Moon:

It is when the moon is not visible, because it is located between the Sun and the Earth. At this stage it is not advisable to perform any type of haircut. It is a damaging stage for the strands, there is weakening of the hair fibers and greater fall. Finally, and taking into account that up to now there is no scientific evidence regarding the influence of the lunar phases on the behavior of our hair, our recommendation is the same as for many things in this Blog, try it! And if it works for you, then that's it! Tell us in the comments in which lunar phase you usually cut your hair and what your experience has been.