by admin on Dec 20, 2022


What my extensions taught me about partner confidence… This is my story about hair extensions My name is Isabel, I am a proud bacteriologist, in love with my profession and my family, 32 years old. Married, with a 3-year-old son and a husband whom I love with all my might. Regarding my hair, mmmm I always liked long hair, as a child, I remember that I liked to be styled with many very long synthetic hair braids, I always liked that feeling of moving my hair from one side to the other, so when I grew up and the trend of wearing hair extensions came along, guess what? I was one of the first and I loved it!


Since then I loved them and they have been part of my look. Many important things happened in my life with my extensions on: my first job where everyone knew me with long hair and then it was hard to explain why you cut your hair if it was so beautiful? Plop!! But perhaps one of the most important things is that I met my husband, on one of those long hair days, he of course thought that was my hair. When they were dating for a few months, very late on television they were promoting a type of "undetectable" extensions, the topic came up unintentionally, I remember that in the midst of my nerves I told him that I used extensions just to give a little volume and ready! I downplayed all the importance of the issue and additionally I went to sleep, issue resolved. He was always very understanding, once he tried to give me extensions on a special date, but I convinced him to give me something else, I was not willing to give him all the details for the purchase.


As I was saying, I'm 32 years old, and if you've heard that your children change the way you see life, that's how it is... My secret was always safe... I used to go out to the hairdresser's with my hair divinely, They would remove the extensions, wash my hair and put them back on and I would go home. Until the day my daughter was born... and in the midst of pain, contractions, a lot of sweat and a lot of bad temper, I wanted to destroy everything around me. It has been perhaps, of the few moments in my life, where I did not care about vanity. In the midst of the anguish, and taking advantage of the fact that my husband was not at home, I began to yell at my sister to remove the extensions, she took a blade and removed them as best she could. After that, she made me a hairstyle with braids, which even looked beautiful on me. My intention was to put the extensions back on the next day, I had always been divine in all the important moments of my life, and the birth of my first child would not be the exception, I thought so- but God had other plans and labor began without giving time to anything. Running from the emergency room to the hospital, I forgot everything, and when I had my son in my arms, there was nothing else to do than enjoy that beautiful moment. My husband was always by my side, he accompanied me during the 5 long hours of labor and in every moment of recovery after the birth.


One day, approximately three months postpartum, my stylist called, wanted to know how I was doing and, by the way, if I needed an appointment to put my extensions back on, of course I did, I told her and we scheduled the appointment. Hanging up the phone, in an act of sincerity, I told my husband all the odyssey that went through my head to tell him everything about my extensions, all my fears that he would see me with short hair or that he had some prejudice about women that use extensions. I finished speaking and we both burst out laughing. It was enough for me to see his huge smile with our son in his arms to understand that everything had been part of my imagination and I must confess that I felt quite stupid for a moment, thousands of thoughts filled me They hovered for a long time about what my husband would think about the subject, my husband, who had been my accomplice in many other adventures, my husband, with whom I shared my bed, my house, my time... everything! My husband, who knows me naked in body and soul. This is my story, nowadays I ask my husband from time to time if I have doubts about any look, or the new hairstyle I want for my extensions.


This will always be a laughing matter with our closest friends, also because according to him, I would be able to install my extensions better than my stylist. I love my hair and my extensions, and if you want some advice, vanity issues are just that, no more, no less, if love came into your life, surely you will have the confidence and understanding to talk about it freely. Do not complicate yourself! If you have a funny experience or any advice you want to share, WRITE IT in the comments!