by admin on Dec 20, 2022

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Your marriage is coming up and you want everything to be perfect! Here we have some wedding hairstyles to inspire you and choose the one you like the most to live that magical and unforgettable moment!

Before choosing your hairstyle, keep in mind:

  • The neckline of the dress

Keep in mind that if you are going to wear a dress with a neckline on the back, it is best to wear an updo, because you do not want your hair to fight against your back.

  • The time, and the style of the wedding

In wedding hairstyles, pins are often used to decorate the hair and give the hairstyle that chic touch. To choose it, you must take into account the time of the wedding, if it is at night, you can give free rein to the brilliants and stones, while that if you have a daytime wedding planned, you can use flowers in a more country and natural setting, and slightly less sophisticated decorations.

  • The wedding venue

If your wedding will be in an open place, or in a place with a lot of wind, consider it when choosing your hairstyle, you don't want the wind to do its thing and leave you wearing a more informal hairstyle than you wanted! Likewise, the heat can be a factor that ruins your hairstyle.

And now yes, let the inspiration come!

  • Semi-collected hairstyle

Ideal for all types of weddings, since your stylist will always be able to adapt the front part of this hairstyle, include or not the bangs, include or not some loose hair and also, the intensity of the frizz that you want to show off, as always. , hair extensions can be your best ally to give frizzy hair the desired volume.
  • Updo

The traditional hairstyle of all times does not go out of style! Perfectly defined curls to the ends are the great secret!

  • Loose hair

 And if we like to show off our long hair so much, why not show it off on our wedding day?! A brooch that adorns your hair will be more than enough. Best of all, is that you choose the hairstyle you choose, your CiFiorentina extensions will always help you to wear it in the length and with the volume that you want! Thank you for reading our full blog, we hope you find it useful and you can show off the best version of your hair on this great day