by admin on Dec 20, 2022


Your Lila Hair Extensions are Extensions that are really worth it! A couple of months ago, when reviewing our indicators, we were surprised to find that the time it takes for our clients to buy extensions again is up to 2 years. We were really amazed at how long your extensions can last in perfect condition! And so that you too can get the most out of your extensions, we bring you these practical tips:

  • Store your Extensions in a cool, dry place

While you are not using your extensions, store them in a dry, moisture-free place to avoid bad odors. Never store your extensions wet, extreme humidity can also completely ruin them. Also remember to keep them perfectly combed and in one direction to avoid tangling. You can keep them in their original packaging or simply in a cardboard box.

  • Avoid washing them

Our own hair benefits from the natural oils produced by our scalp, which is why we need to wash our hair on a regular basis. The same is not the case with your hair extensions, so you don't need to wash them as often.

  • Always comb them from the ends to the seam

Comb them carefully before and after using them, but always starting at the ends until you reach the seam. If unfortunately you have a tangle, do not pull with the same intensity as you would untangle your own hair, remember that they are sewn and can come off, patiently comb those just below the tangle until you manage to untangle them.

  • Use silicones or natural oils to keep them shiny

To keep your extensions hydrated and shiny, use natural oils such as coconut, almond or argan oil. You don't need to apply large amounts until your extensions are soaked, just rub a few drops of oil into the palm of your hands and then rub your extensions. You can do it every 15 days approximately.

  • Avoid using irons and dryers

If possible, avoid using irons or dryers, if you do, control the temperature. Just like your own hair, excessive use of heat can dry out your extensions or, in the worst case, damage them.

  • If you wear Clip-in Extensions, do not sleep or exercise in them

As you toss and turn in your bed sleeping comfortably you can tangle the clips in your hair and damage it. Additionally the pressure on your scalp can cause headaches. And please don't wear your extensions to the gym either! All the sweat on your head doesn't help them at all. We hope you put these tips into practice so that your Extensions last much longer as new! If you have another tip that works very well for you, write it in the comments, that way we can all take better care of our extensions and make our investment much better.