by admin on Dec 20, 2022


How many extensions do I need? It is the most frequently asked question during the years that we have been working with hair extensions, but for that reason, it is no longer a difficult question to answer. And the answer, as in many other fields, is a single word "It depends". It depends on the volume you want to achieve with your extensions, it depends on the length you want, it depends on the installation method you use, it depends and many more depends... We know that this is an issue that steals the peace of mind of many of our clients and also their stylists, so we took it upon ourselves to give you, more than a blog, a quick guide with which you have many more tools to choose the right amount of hair you're going to need. The chart below will help you select the amount of extensions you need if you plan to use them to cover your entire head: While many factors are important in choosing the right amount of hair, there are three that are really key:

  • According to the length you want
  •  This rule is quite simple, but very important. The longer you want your final look, the more amount of extensions you will need.

  • Depending on the area of ​​the head you want to cover
  • Not all women use their extensions to cover the entire head. Some of us use extensions only from the middle (between ear and ear) to the neck. Logically, the more area of ​​your head you have to cover with your extensions, the more amount of hair you will need.

  • According to the installation method
  • Installation methods that use extensions sewn into curtains generally manage to give you more volume with less hair. Strand-by-strand methods require more hair.

  • Additionally, keep in mind:
  • If your hair has abundant volume, and you want to give your look length, you must guarantee that the number of extensions you buy will generate at least the same volume as your own hair. Your extensions should never look less full than your own hair. If you have any additional questions or a recommendation to help select the correct amount of extensions, WRITE IT in the comments!