by admin on Dec 20, 2022


After all the Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year celebrations, you will surely have had more than two glasses of wine or more than two beers, and this is a topic that is not talked about so often. But believe it or not, just as alcohol consumption affects your skin and your health in general, it also affects the vitality of your hair.

What happens to my hair when I drink liquor?

After a night of drinking, you may have felt that your skin and lips are drier than usual and this is exactly what happens to your hair. Each of your hair strands is drier and therefore more prone to breaking and looking dull, lifeless. Going a little deeper into health issues, excess alcohol can cause zinc and iron deficiency; and said deficiency is related to hair loss, since it can accelerate the resting stage of hair follicles faster than normal.

But my shampoo has alcohol!

You may be wondering why some of your favorite hair care products contain alcohol, and the answer is very simple; Because not all alcohols are the same. There are basically two types of alcohol: fatty alcohols and short chain alcohols. Fatty alcohols are often used in moisturizers and can help nourish hair and skin, while short-chain alcohols strip and can dehydrate you. Hair products contain fatty alcohols such as cetyl, stearyl, cetearyl, myristyl, behenyl, and lauryl. These are fatty alcohols that are derived from plants or natural sources and will help hydrate and thicken your strands. The alcohol we drink is ethanol, which is fermented from fruits and grains, and it is a short-chain alcohol, which is why it is so aggressive and always causes dryness. And since everything in life is a matter of balance, if you drank one or two glasses of wine, there is nothing to worry about, but if it is your habit and you are thinking of taking care of your health and your hair, try to avoid it and also, keep in mind Keep in mind that replenishing fluids and drinking plenty of water the next day will help not only your hair, but your entire body. Thanks for reading our Blog, if you have questions or comments about it, do not hesitate to write us below!